Not everything is as it seems.

The problem we have is that we are flooded with a pipeline of information in the news, on the radio, via social, from your advisors, friends and so on. The sum of this information flood filtered by our thinking is often far from the truth.

Not everyone has all the information.

You have to dig, investigate, research to truly understand a business model, market opportunity or idea. In a world who’s cup overflows with agenda’s the real back story isn’t easily found. The most likely path to success is unearthed through investigation.

We are here to help awaken and not specifically advice. We each need to do our own homework.

Strategy is about thinking and decisions.

If you don’t spend time researching, thinking and making decisions you not going to get far in business.

Decisions shape you business. It’s not your conditions. So the great news is that this means there is always hope no-matter how bad things get. I’ve seen people go from the fetal position only to energe from the ashes into hyper successful businesses.

Strategic, evidence based, decision making is key.

You are what you haven’t automated.

The more you can take off your plate the more time you can spend on decision making which is all about leveraging yourself and what resources you have available to you.

You need to make a clearing so you have time to make great decisions.

Minimalism is access to focus, clarity and increased success probability.

Highly targeted business models are a necessity now. Simplicity in brand and product in a highly complex world stands out.

Unless you can get yourself to a billion dollar business you are kidding yourself if you go too wide in how you address your market.

Bureaucracy, commerce, risk and compliance complexity is out of control as governments swim in an increasing pool of power. If you then add to that with your own internal business complexity you will in time start to awaken to the mess that you have inadvertently created.

We make mistakes in all humility. This blog is intended to be supportive and sharing and not ego centrically presumptive that we have this right. Except maybe this one insight we are crystal clear and certain about…

Nothing matters in the realm of ideas and strategy unless you take action.

Action is the Goddess of good luck.