Are you constantly told things needed to be a certain way in your small business? There are alternatives to the standard playbooks and paradigms. This site offers a journey down the roads less travelled.

Let’s be real. The Small Business paradigm sucks. 10% of you survive. The startup paradigm sucks even more. 98% of you FAIL. Be honest about it. Ask the question. What’s wrong with this picture? ANSWER: It’s not designed for you to win.

The approach to starting a small business taught in the blogsphere, universities and by coaches around the world is flawed in one key way. It denies the statistical reality of relying on running a business using debt and traditional media spends.

The Startup paradigms is equally flawed. It is designed to serve the Investor side. They win by creating a portfolio of what to them is akin to a bunch of cheap bets.

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